“I’ve seen drum recording services in the past, and my only reservation has been the drummer. Not so with this one. How could you not want Olly ‘The Kid’ Betts playing on your record?”

Andrew Scheps (The Rolling Stones, Adele, JayZ, Micheal Jackson, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Iggy Pop, Wu-Tang Clan, Metallica)

“Olly ‘the kid’ Betts is one of a kind. Perfect meter and chops for days. A pleasure to work or relax with. He understands song structure and adds his unique musicality to the overall palate. I’m proud to call him friend and colleague…”

David Catching (QOTSA, Eagles of Death Metal, Earthlings, Masters Of Reality, Owner of Rancho De La Luna recording studio in Joshua Tree, California)

“Olly is a Tom heavy joy to have behind a kit when anything musical is going down. I have played in many musical situations with this fine gent and he never disappoints. Great skills, great vibe, and all around great dude!”

Travis Shettel (Piebald, T.S & The Past Haunts)

“Olly is not only one of the best drummers I’ve had the pleasure of gigging and recording with, he’s also one if the nicest and easiest musicians to get on with, which is vital in terms of communication on stage or when the red light goes on. He’s also an extremely versatile drummer, able to switch between styles and genres seamlessly and doing so without letting any of them colour his own style which is a sign of a true pro. A lot more than a soulless session head, he makes a track come alive. He is the beating heart and soul”

David Hope (Ire)